Artist Proofs

Artist Proofs or AP's

What is an Artist Proof, going back to when art was first printed an Artist Proof was effectively a test print for the artist to check the plate from which the final image was printed, and in the early days of printing this first run was generally of much higher quality than the remainder of the edition printed.

Once printed the artist would usually keep this edition for their own personal collection, or make available for sale at a later date.

It would be common to see the letters EA which is the French name first used epreuve d'artiste and often the first 10 to 20 prints from the run became Artist Proofs, EA is still used by some artists today but more commonly and with Leigh's editions you will see AP used.

Obviously technology has moved on since these early days of print production, and the entire edition will be printed in Leigh's case using the Giclee method of printing and each edition has the same quality and appearance.

As the Artist Proof edition is much lower than the standard edition, an Artist Proof is much sought after by collectors, and will attract a premium and can in some instances retail for as much as 50% above the standard RRP.

Here in the gallery we always have access to Artist Proof's of Leigh's work and in most cases will have the entire edition of Artist Proofs when an edition is released.
Below is our full collection of available Artist Proofs.

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